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FAQ's About LawBrain

What is LawBrain?

LawBrain is an online resource where users can browse legal topics, contribute legal knowledge, and share opinions on content. It is a wiki that enables users to edit, add, and organize articles so that content is relevant and useful.

What makes LawBrain different from traditional encyclopedias?

LawBrain is a new spin on legal information exchange. Thousands of legal encyclopedia articles were licensed and uploaded as seed content for LawBrain. That content was then put in wiki format--making it available for editing and updating.

Also unique is LawBrain's "opinion" tab. If you go to any article you can click on this tab and share your opinion on the subject matter. 

And unlike a traditional encyclopedia, in which you have to wait until a new edition to see changes, LawBrain is updated instantaneously. Once changes are made and saved you will see them immediately.

Do I need to register and log in?

Anyone can browse the more than 4,500 entries on LawBrain.  To edit and create content, you need to log in/register, which takes just moments.

Simply click "Log In" under the "Personal tools" section of the navigation bar to the left. As LawBrain is part of the FindLaw network, you can use an existing Findlaw login and password to proceed. If you're new to LawBrain and Findlaw follow the on screen directions to create your free account.

Registering also allows you to set your personal preferences, create a watchlist, and even have a page through which other users can interact with you.

How can I create a new topic entry?

Once you've logged in, just search for the topic page you want to create.  If one doesn't already exist, you'll be prompted to start it yourself!  You can find out more in the how to create a new entry section of the Help page.

How can I edit an existing topic entry?

Just click the "Edit" tab and insert your edits. You can learn more in how to edit an entry .

Is there a way to see how other users have edited a site in the past?

Yes. Select the "Discuss Edits" tabs to see a history of recent edits. And you can even view past versions of a page there.

How can I comment on an entry?

Ready to weigh in your opinion? Just click the "Opinion" tab located on the top of any entry. Be sure to read through the Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service before you opine away.

What is the difference between the “discuss edits” and “opinions” tabs?

"Discuss edits" enables you to contribute to a discussion about the editorial changes to the content of an entry.  Selecting the "Opinion" tab allows you to share your thoughts about the entry, comment, or pose a question about the subject to the LawBrain community.

I read an entry and noticed the content is incorrect, what should I do?

Register with LawBrain and then edit the page.  You can also view the "Discuss Edits" tab to follow past edits of the page and suggest an edit or new section.

Can I post images and video?

At this time you can post images.  You can post videos that are hosted by another site.

I prefer a previous version of the entry, how can I make that version the current version?

Go to the "Discuss Edits" tabs.  There you can suggest reversion to a previous version of the page. The change can only be done by an administrator.

Some of the links in the related resources aren’t working, who can I contact?

You can edit the links by logging in and clicking the "Edit" tab. 

Are there any guidelines on what can be said in the opinion section?

By posting to LawBrain, you agree to follow the Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

I have a question about how a law is applied, can I ask it in the “opinions” section?

That is a good place to ask a question like that.  But be aware, LawBrain is editable by everyone so you are advised that there is no guarantee that any legal analysis is correct or that any information is current or valid.  You are advised not to rely on information in LawBrain but use it as a resource to further research a topic, subject, or concept.

How can I find out who wrote the entries?

The "History" tab will show a history of a page's edits.  You will be able to see the usernames of people who have edited the page.

Should I trust the content in a legal wiki?

LawBrain is an open community where entries are freely editable.  While this creates the opportunity to share, collaborate and build  shared  knowledge , you should generally view web content as needing to be corroborated and validated.  LawBrain's mission revolves around making laws and legal terms accessible to consumers. It cannot guarantee to accuracy of content posted or created on the site.


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